About DANC (Devi Ahilya Nursing College)

Devi Ahilya College ( P.M.T.O. of M.P. ) was farmed in the year 1991 by the coming together of Professional in Paramedical field to espouse a noble cause of providing quality education. Devi Ahilya College here become a name of quality synonymous with quality education and has five college under the umbrella. The associate colleges offer varied courses from Physiotherapy, Nursing, Medical Lab Technology, Biochemistry, Microbiology Audiology & Speech Therapy, Radiology Technique Optometery, Ayurved Homoeopathy Medical College, Bachelor and, Master courses for good vision for studying nursing at Devi Ahilya College.

1. Education:

The college has a highly appreciated teaching facility, who believes that good education is the root of a highly successful professional career. The college conducts regular examinations; so that the stusents have a feedback and can work harder to get better. Interactive methods of teaching are employed so that there is a high degree of interaction between the students and the teacher in the classroom.

2. Environment:

The college is situated in a serene atmosphere, The college has well established library with digital facilities so that each student can work up to their maximum potential.

Excellence in professional Field

The college is run by the Paramedical Technology Organisation of M.P. The entire society structure consist of people of who are having experience in diverse professional fields such as medicine etc.

Ethical Values

We at Devi Ahilya College strongly believe that the student to be successful, not only needs good education and professional practical experience, but also good ethical values to reach out to the society and serve, we at Devi Ahilya college groom our students in building such values, after which these students blend well with the society thus bringing fame to themselves and the institute they studied in.


Bachelors of Science in Nursing

Diploma in general Nursing and Midwifery